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Wetlands Estonoa Site Location
     •SW Virginia – USA
     •Appalachian Mountains
     •Karst River Valley

     •Wise County

     •Town of St. Paul


GLOBE (Global Learning through Observations to Benefit the Environment) is an organization dedicated to collecting environmental data. This arm of NASA consists of over 25,000 sites worldwide and St. Paul High School has been a participant since March 2001. Through 2011, Team Estonoa and St. Paul High School students had logged over 11,000 data points. Upon the closing of St. Paul High the program was transferred to Castlewood High School. CHS students became part of Team Estonoa and began hydrology monitoring during the fall of 2011 AND Eastside High School joined Team Estonoa during the fall of 2015.


There are 4 components to the GLOBE program; weather, hydrology, soil analysis and land cover. The data collected is compared to that from other places and helps NASA better understand how systems interact on Earth. The data is used to predict what will happen in the future.


GLOBE hydrology concentrates on monitoring water and includes testing for dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrates, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature.  Members of Team Estonoa and science students test three different sites on the Clinch River and the water in Estonoa once a week.  Sampling takes about 30 minutes at each site and data is entered on GLOBE’s web site – to be used by, students, educators and scientists all over the world.


GLOBE weather is done daily at the St. Paul Elementary School playground.  GLOBE weather concentrates on cloud cover, types of clouds, minimum and maximum temperature, relative humidity, pH, and amount of precipitation. This data is also entered on GLOBE's website.

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