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It's Symposium Time

The goal of CRVI's (Clinch River Valley Initiative) Environmental Education Action Group is to increase environmental awareness among all community members. Teaching people about the environment encourages them to appreciate nature and its complex and vital functions. This is especially important in the Clinch River watershed, which is renowned for its globally significant biodiversity. People who learn about their relationship to the environment are more likely to conserve natural resources and energy, and resist activities that degrade environmental health. This action group aims to educate both children and adults who live in the watershed. They/we are working to empower local citizens with knowledge about environmental issues so that they will support sustainable businesses, act to restore the local environment and improve public health.

The Annual Clinch Environmental Ed Symposium was developed to show educators, both formal and informal, fun and different ways to use our Clinch River Valley as the classroom in harmony with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). This annual event has been developed for educators of all disciplines to assist in the development of hands-on learning techniques to supplement the delivery of Virginia SOLs while focusing on the Clinch River ecosystem. During the day-long event, educators will have the opportunity to develop experiential learning techniques that can be translated to the classroom, as well as sessions where subject matter experts will discuss different aspects of our watershed.

Here's the lineup for the May 2, 2020 event where participants will attend four sessions. Attendees will sign up for breakout sessions the morning of the Symposium.

Stream Sweepers - presented by Maddie Gordon Political Involvement for Local Development - presented by Lou Ann Wallace Town of St. Paul Downtown Project - presented by Debbie Baca VCHEC Power Plant Tour - presented by Geoffrey Hensley Clinch River State Park - presented by Scott Bowen 400 Acre Woods - presented by J.D. Lawson Appalachian Fauna - presented by Seth Thompson Snakes Alive! - presented by Rhonda Goins (pending confirmation)

This is a FREE event and includes breakout sessions, refreshments, lunch and all educational materials.

This FREE event is funded by Grant 16LSR01 from Virginia Department of Forestry. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

To register, please email your name, phone number, email address, school system and department (if applicable) to

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